Lest We Forget: Dear Kay: What was it like to be a nurse in the war?

Katharine Montgomery, 99, Three Links Care Centre Resident was a nurse during the war.  Our Recreation Aide Katlyn Twidle asked Kay what it was like.  Here is her response:

image of Katharine MontgomeryThat was a very long time ago, dear.  I lived in England, I worked with ordinary people, and it was pretty awful.  I knew a whole lot of people who wanted me to join them.  I managed to save people, and many things like that.  I was very glad I could do so.

I knew the soldiers were thankful because of the way they talked to me, and told me all about the trouble they were in. I was very glad to be able to help as much as possible.  When it was ending, I spoke to people in charge, and they said it was alright for me to move on.

The important lesson I learned was the experience of everything.  There were people being killed.  If I had advice for others helping in the war, I’d tell them to do what they’re supposed to be doing, and show as much care as possible to other people.

I was proud to do that work when I was able to, and I am proud I was able to do what I did for the time I did.  My most memorable moment from that time was just seeing all the loss of the people.

On this Remembrance Day, the Three Links Care Society would like to thank Kay and all of our veterans, their families and other medical professionals for their service and sacrifice.  We will never forget.