Three Links provides residential care and independent living services to 175 residents in Vancouver’s Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood and creates job opportunities for more than 100 staff, service providers and contractors.

Three Links continues to operate a 90-bed residential Care Centre in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH). In 2016-17, the Society received $5.3 million from VCH to provide a range of complex seniors’ care services.

Three Links continues to operate 39 independent living units at the Three Links Manor with annual support from BC Housing totalling $113,000.

In addition to managing two adjacent residential properties, Three Links continues to:

  • deliver project management services for the Odd Fellows Low Rental Housing Society
  • administer a lease with the Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors Society that provides space within the Care Centre to operate an adult day care program for neighbourhood seniors.

Three Links operates within the framework established by the BC Societies Act and is led by a volunteer Board of Directors with expertise in health care management, law, financial administration, community engagement, human resources and information technology.

The Three Links Board is supported by an experienced management team responsible for day-to-day operations, ongoing consultation, community engagement and ensuring the Society achieves strategic goals. To provide the best services possible, the management team are supported by:

  • dedicated and professional staff
  • physicians and medical specialists
  • well-established networks of volunteers and contracted service providers

Three Links Manor

Of the 40 residents at the Manor, 36 have rent at 90% of market value and 34 receive support from BC Housing. Two receive no additional support. Four Manor residents receive Ministry assistance, support from BC Housing and/or a Three Links subsidy. Their monthly rent is $332. Six of the 39 Manor units are one bedroom. One is home to two people.
Three Links Care Centre — long-term, complex residential care community
Three Links Manor — low-rental independent living for 55+
Three Links Care Centre — long-term, complex residential care community

Our Three Links Care Centre is home to residents with long-term, complex care needs.

This fully accredited and licensed property features 90 private bedrooms with 2 piece ensuites, divided into three separate communities – each with its own nursing station providing 24-hour care.

Whiting Place
– Complex Care

Whiting Place, the original building of the Care Centre built in 1982, offers complex care with 50 private bedrooms with their own bathrooms. There are both private and communal lounges, with dining in the Main Floor dining area. Residents can enjoy views of Renfrew Park and the North Shore mountains in the two bright outdoor patios with secured perimeters. Therapeutic recreation programs are offered on the main floor.

Rebekah Place
– Secured Special Care

Opened as part of the Care Centre expansion in 2000, Rebekah Place provides a calm and safe haven for persons with varying forms of dementia and responsive behaviours. This secured unit features 20 private bedrooms/2 piece ensuites with a secured outdoor area for residents to enjoy fresh air and views of Renfrew Park and the North Shore mountains. Therapeutic recreation activities complement the services we provide.

Kinney Place
– Complex Care

Opened as part of the Care Centre expansion in 2000, Kinney Place is another complex care unit, which features 20 private bedrooms/2 piece ensuites, a nicely appointed communal lounge and a spacious dining room. This unit is also home to our two house cats. Therapeutic recreation is available in the Kinney Place Unit, as well as on Centre’s main floor.

Our broad offering of services and amenities

See below for more details, or download our Welcome Package or visit our Family Resources page.

Residential care services

We provide a wide range of health care services (non-acute) and other important services, and ensure our residents have full access to recreational and social activities.

Community care services

For Three Links Care Centre residents without a family doctor, there are house physicians who regularly visit the Centre and are willing to accept new patients.

Fresh meals and nutritional support

For the residents at Three Links Care Centre, nutritious and appetizing meals are freshly prepared in our kitchen and served three times a day.

Social work services

A Social Worker is available 2-3 days a week at Three Links Care Centre. The Social Worker is able to assist Care Centre residents and their families with a variety of issues.

Spiritual care services

The Spiritual Care Coordinator visits Three Links Care Centre twice a week and responds to residents’ spiritual needs, and may provide support to families, especially for residents in palliative care.

Recreation and activity programming (in-house and in-neighbourhood)

At Three Links, we understand the importance of recreation and leisure in our residents’ lives.

Other health-related services

Three Links Care Centre is fortunate to have other specialists visit the Centre to provide additional services to our residents that we are unable to provide in-house.

Residential support services

Three Links Care Centre provides full laundry, housekeeping, dietary and maintenance services on site at no extra cost to our residents.

Family events

Each month we hold a ‘Family Event’ at Three Links Care Centre – families and friends of our residents are invited to join us for entertainment and birthday cake.

Three Links Manor — low-rental independent living for 55+

Three Links Manor provides two different housing options for people over the age of 55 – low-rental independent living housing and supportive living suites.

This fully accredited and licensed apartment complex features 39 bachelor and one-bedroom units, and 3 common area rooms. These apartments can be rented as part of independent, low-rental senior housing or with additional support services from Three Links Care Society. Through the Seniors Supportive Housing Program, we offer an inclusive support services package for seniors who require additional assistance in order to extend their ability to live independently.

Supportive housing tenants receive:

  • Daily dinner service (see below for more details)
  • Weekly laundry service for bedding and linens
  • Weekly housekeeping services (basic cleaning)
  • Social and recreational activities (see below for more details)
  • 24/7 emergency on-call service

For more information about Three Links Manor see details below, or contact Housing Services by emailing or call 604-568-6895.

Fresh meals and nutritional support

Residents participating in the Supportive Housing program at the Manor receive a hot and nutritious meal every evening. Dinner is served in a beautiful dining room that encourages opportunity for socializing during dinner time.

Recreation and activity programming (in-house and in-neighbourhood)

Independent residents can also take advantage of the incredible amenities, shops and restaurants a few steps away in the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood of Vancouver.

Who can apply for housing at the Three Links Manor?

The Seniors Supportive Housing program is especially beneficial for low-income seniors who are experiencing difficulty living independently but who are not eligible to participate in the Independent Living BC program or licensed complex care.