2020 Annual Report


To provide our residents with safe, compassionate care and housing that improves their quality of life.


People deserve to live a meaningful life and be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their age or circumstance.


  • Compassion for residents, their loved ones and each other
  • Respect for all
  • Integrity and honesty throughout everything we do
  • Safety for staff, residents and visitors
  • Excellence in the delivery of quality community care and services

Three Links Community Partners

Our volunteers make a world of difference

Our team of over 100 volunteers brings the community alive within our walls. Their generosity has been the source of many friendships and many hours of laughter. One our volunteers, Paul Alberts, created this documentary film to share the positive impact that volunteers are making in the lives of seniors living in long-term care. Read more about the making of the film or more information on volunteering.

Three Links
Quality of Life and Care Map

Many things contribute to the quality of life for Three Links residents, team members and visitors. For you, we are focused on getting them all right.

We’re here to help
Resources for families

The decision to move your family member into a seniors’ care facility is one of the most difficult you will face.
These FAQs, resources and links are designed to help. Here are the top questions we get asked:

What is the food like and are there any daily activities for residents?
How can we make this transition into a care home less stressful?
Who is eligible, how can we apply and how long is the wait list?
What kind of care will my loved one receive? Will someone take them to meals?
How do I get a hold of the nurse on the floor my loved one lives on?
What are the visiting hours?

For answers to these questions and more click here

Our neighbourhood.

Three Links is working with neighbourhood partners to expand our mission beyond the care centre.
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