Emotional Intelligence Workshop

emotional intelligence workshopWe sometimes forget that the greatest values of knowledge blossom in conversation. Empathy and communication are cornerstones of Emotional Intelligence: knowing how to identify, assess, and communicate emotions and experiences. Three Links was proud to host facilitator Angela Sealy on July 11th, for her workshop on Emotional Intelligence, she brought 20 years of experience and expertise in community development and various dialogue methods. The workshop covered several key topics related to Emotional Intelligence, including an in-depth exploration of Emotional Intelligence, and effective practices in nurturing our own emotional intelligence.

There were lectures, exercises, and discussions to help build communication, listening, empathy, assertiveness, and self esteem. The event had a respectable turnout of nine volunteers, three family members, a social worker, and a dog! Over pizza the participants discussed their own challenges and methods dealing with emotional conflict, sparking interest in further workshops like this one in the future.