Many members of our Three Links family will know Chris as our piano man. For the past 14 months, Chris has been playing piano every Wednesday for residents and team members at the Care Centre. We would like to congratulate Chris and his family on the birth of their baby girl, Isabel.

Question and Answer with Chris

What made you to learn how to play piano?

I first wanted to learn piano when I was about 8 years old, when I was watching my uncle and cousin play Beethoven’s Fur Elise for the first time. I was so enchanted by this beautiful piece that I asked my parents to get me a piano so that I could learn it right away. From then on, the rest is history, and I completed my Piano Performer’s diploma (ARCT) with the Royal Conservatory a little over a decade later.

Why did you choose Three Links for volunteering?

I first wanted to play for Three Links a few years ago, when I was walking by and noticed the grand piano in the dining room. I emailed the organization inquiring about playing for the residents, but it may have gone to the wrong person, and there didn’t seem to be a volunteer registration page yet, so I didn’t hear back and just forgot about it. Then around the end of 2016, I looked up the Three Links website again and found the volunteer registration page, and after meeting with Liz and going through the training, I was able to start performing for the residents by January 2017.