Jeremy Ha is full of surprises. Last month, he arrived for his volunteer shift at Three Links with his trombone in tow – one of his three trombones, to be exact. The Broadway Church group was playing piano and accordion for a large group of residents, and Jeremy jumped in to play along, the low notes of his trombone lending a jazzy feel to the upbeat church tunes.

Jeremy also plays piano, baritone, euphonium, marimba, vibraphone, and xylophone. He’s been a musician since the age of five, and now plays for the B.C. Cadet Honour Band, a hand-picked group of 50 young musicians from around the province.

Jeremy has volunteered his time to help with afternoon tea at Three Links since he was just 14. He approached Three Links to volunteer as part of a school social studies project about community service. After the project was done, he kept coming. He says his favourite part of volunteering is “the friendly environment and the chance to aid other people whenever possible. It makes it a pleasure to volunteer here.”

Not only is Jeremy musically gifted, he’s charming too. Jasmine, who facilitates the programs Jeremy helps with, gets stars in her eyes when she talks about Jeremy. “He was so shy when he first started here,” Jasmine says, “but now he makes jokes with the residents and talks to everybody. He’s such a smart guy.” More surprises are in store from this talented and generous young man.