At the Volunteer Appreciation Event on April 22, 2017, several volunteers were given special recognition at the event for their exceptional contributions to Three Links.  They are:

Volunteers of the Year: Nova Ramos and Mélanie Osorio-Mejia

Most dedicated volunteers: Cesare Stefanon, Kori Leung, Teresa Domirti, Willock Yeung, Lisa Liu, Krystal Chan, Lawrence Lau, Bonnie Lee, and Judy Woodhall

Most committed volunteers: Trysten Scheidl and Sheila Cordovez

Best team players: Dominique Skonieczny, Andy Lynn, and Justin Gadey

Most compassionate volunteer: Daisy Mak

We also recognized Agnes Ghunney, one of our nurses on Kinney unit, for her exceptional commitment to supporting volunteers.  Agnes never hesitates to pause her work to say thank you to volunteers or answer their questions.  She is an exemplar of how we achieve more together than we ever could alone.

Congratulations and thank you to all of our volunteers who help brighten the lives of our residents.