The Kinney Unit is home to two four-legged siblings, Coco and George. When they’re not sharing a sunny spot on the common room floor or springing around their cat scratch palaces, these two are doing their daily rounds in search of their favourite humans (purely decided by the amount of treats they share).

George is affectionately known as “the boss.” His favourite perch is the nurses’ office, where he sits on his own, personal cat chair and runs the show; meowing on occasion for more treats. Coco prefers to be more “behind the scenes” than her outspoken brother, and she’s often found curiously watching the recreation activities from afar. Even though she’s the more timid of the siblings, residents know that she’ll never protest a gentle neck rub.

Having animals like Coco and George in the Three Links Centre helps create a calm, home-like feeling for residents. Pet therapy is becoming a more common practice in care homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals and the benefit of animal companionship to residents has been backed through studies. A fifteen-minute cuddle session with one of our resident cats sets off a chemical chain reaction that lowers cortisol and increases serotonin. Furry companions like Coco and George can lower blood pressure, reduce depression, and boost the self-esteem of residents and patients.

The rambunctious rulers of Kinney Unit are always excited to see new faces–and they never fail to greet the familiar ones with a gentle meow. If you visit, don’t forget to bring some treats to share!