Team Recognition: Harbinder Goyel

Celebrating and recognizing the dedicated, skilled and passionate members of our Three Links team is a key element of the three-year Strategic Plan we released in January (insert link).  As part of that commitment, we are pleased to recognize a key member of our support services team. June was Harbinder Goyel’s 16th anniversary of working with Three Links, and we are happy to report she plans to continue serving seniors here as long as possible! Going to school specifically to prepare her for working in an aid position, Harbinder always intended to work in care homes, and following her education began working at a resident facility in Capilano, where she met our very own Marie Olsson. After working with Marie as a casual aid for seven years, the last nine have been spent working full time at Three Links, as part of our support team, ensuring the organization runs smoothly and can provide our residents with the best care possible. When put on the spot and asked whether any specific events stood out to her in her time with Three Links, she chuckled and stated that it’s impossible to choose, that she enjoys every day at work, since she loves both the residents, and her family of colleagues.

She would admit though, there is one thing that brings a certain satisfaction, that being the rare occasion she can help the nurses by acting as a translator for one of the Punjab residents. She says it can be calming to the residents to have things explained in their native tongue, and it brings her joy to be of comfort to someone who may be having a hard time understanding something. Outside of work Harbinder loves music, she modestly informs me that while she isn’t going for a Grammy, she does enjoy singing, and is always up for a good karaoke session at family get-togethers. Three Links is deeply grateful to the team members that keep our organization on track, look out for another profile next month!