Summer is on in full force and effect! The sun is out, and the heat is on! In our previous newsletter we offered some tips on how to stay safe and hydrated in the sun, and hopefully avoid any dangerous burns, but in the unfortunate event of sunburn, here are some tips to safely deal with the nasty aftermath!

  • Run cool water over the area, or use a cool compress or towel soaked in cold water. Don’t use ice though, as it can cause an ice burn to form over the sunburn!
  • Make sure to never pull peeled skin, or pop blisters, as this can lead to infection!
  • If there are no blisters, a creamy lotion may soothe the area, and if blisters are present, make sure to keep them clean and apply lotion once they are dried.

Medications may be taken to relieve pain, but always read the labels and consult with a physician for serious burns or for those occurring to young children!