Questions and Answers: Supporting Resident Choice

We asked Faria Ali, our Director of Care, “How does the care team support residents in making choices about their daily routine?”

When a person moves into a care home, they experience many losses. Some of these losses include, but are not limited to, the loss of their independence, their home, separation from their loved ones, friends, and community, and a change to their usual routine.

We understand how difficult this move is. We support our residents during their transition by giving them choices so they feel more in control of their lives. We start by giving their families a “getting to know me” form. The information gathered from this form helps our care team understand who has moved into our care home: what is important to them, their accomplishments, their losses, their likes and dislikes, and who helps support them.

While we are not able to fulfill every request we get from residents, there are many things that we can do to give them back some control over their lives.

Some of the ways residents make choices about their routines at Three Links include:

  • being able to sleep in if they are not an early riser or wake up at 5:00am or 6:00am if this has been their routine for years
  • choice of retiring to bed early or staying up until midnight if this is their preference
  • helping them to choose what to wear and how they want their hair styled
  • choice of having a continental breakfast or smaller meals
  • two menu options for lunch and dinner
  • choice of times for their showers/baths (morning or evening)
  • choice of which activities they want to attend (some prefer one-to-one activities and some enjoy group events)
  • the opportunity to have a volunteer come to read to them, chat, or go for walks together
  • the option to make their own bed if it makes them feel useful and independent

Residents are encouraged to be engaged in the life of the facility through recreation programs, socializing with co-residents and staff, participating in resident council meetings, and going out to the community if it’s safe to do on their own. If they are adamant that they do not want to participate in an activity, their wish is honored and respected.

We hope that, despite the losses they experience, that each of our residents gains something by moving into long term care. In addition to providing excellent health care, we strive to make Three Links a vibrant place to live where people can live and age with dignity.

*This question came to us from responses to our 2017 Resident Family Questionnaire