When Lorina Perry applied for her job at Three Links, the care centre was still under construction and only ten or twenty residents lived here. The year was 1982; she had just finished high school and was ready to start her career. She got two job offers, one at Three Links and one at Champlain Mall. She accepted the position at Three Links as a dietary aide, and the rest was history. Three Links’ dietician at the time, Debbie, encouraged her to go to cooking school. At school, she learned to make soups, salads, and gravies and got promoted to the position of cook. 35 years later, Lorina still loves her job. “I really enjoy the appreciation I get from people. When they say “I knew you were cooking because the food was so good’ that means a lot to me.”

Lorina has many fond memories of Three Links over the years. “There used to be a resident named Mrs. Dobbing. I would get here early at 6:30am to have a cup of tea with her before work. It’s hard when they pass away, but I learned that I love working with older people.”

Lorina also remembers when the new wing of Three Links Care Centre was built in 2000. They had to cook for the residents on a little stove in the activity room.

When asked what has changed the most in the past 35 years, Lorina says that it’s the residents. They used to come down to dinner all dressed up with their hair and makeup done. These days, residents need a lot more support with everything from getting dressed to having their meals minced or diced to make them easier to swallow. Having a positive and supportive team around is what keeps Lorina focussed on providing great quality food and a welcoming environment for everyone.