Introducing the Three Links Wellness Committee!

Three Links strives to continually improve itself and has been dedicated to making changes in accordance with our strategic plan released earlier in the year. Section two of the plan revolves around a quality team, and while our staff is one of the best around, the organization was forced to ask itself, what could we be doing better for our team? In order to find out, staff surveys were undertaken, gauging respondents job satisfaction and feelings about working for Three Links. Results indicated that overall, our team was quite satisfied with the steps we had previously taken to better their work experience, however one issue stuck out. Due to the stressful nature of the job, some members of our team expressed a difficulty in balancing their work and private lives.

As a direct response to this, Three Links has decided to focus on team wellness, with the hopes of bettering the experience of all our team members. Along with care standards, professional accreditation, and capital improvements, wellness was selected as a key component of the strategic plan, and thus focusing on team wellness not only benefits the staff, but also aligns with the goals established by the organization.

The staff wellness program will be based on four “pillars,” the first of which is to invest in team training and professional development. Three Links has already began this process, hosting training and events for those interested, and invites all staff to engage with these events designed to support our teams career aspirations and develop new skills, allowing them to better cope with the stressors of the job.

The second aspect of our program is increased investment in workplace safety. Following our safety month events, Three Links is dedicated to team safety, and ensuring no injuries are sustained by the residents, or the staff. This means increasing training, and ensuring access to the latest equipment in safety technology.

The third pillar of our program is team recognition. We have an amazing team, and want them to know it. Events held in honour of our staff, along with regular pieces written in our newsletters and online media will serve as an expression of our gratitude for the devotion and hard work put in by all.

Finally, the program must have a focus on wellness. To that end, Three Links plans to establish a wellness committee, to create safe, healthy, and supportive working conditions, by coordinating activities and promoting services currently available to staff, while actively developing new initiatives to promote quality of life and work. Team members who are interested are encouraged to join the committee, and once it is fully established over the summer, steps will be announced. For now, any team members interested are invited to check out the Wellness Committee Mandate for additional information!