Dear friends,

Further to previous notices and as promised, here is an update on our infection control efforts related to the current public health crisis and influenza season.

While Three Links still does not have a confirmed case of COVID 19 yet, the measures we announced previously here and here remain in effect until further notice.

As promised, we will continue to keep you posted on our planning to protect the health and safety of residents, staff, contractors and volunteers.

Since our last update, the Vancouver’s Medical Health Officer’s order has remained in effect. In addition to maintaining the previously announced measures, we have:

  1. Implemented precautionary physical distancing measures related to shift changes, dining room seating, water dispensers and recreation programming.
  2. Distributed letters to families on behalf of our physicians describing measures they are taking to prepare and identify treatments available during an outbreak.
  3. Adopted provincial measures regarding use of personal protective equipment.
  4. Supported launch of Safe Care BC’s Operation Protect to receive public donations of personal protective equipment for front line seniors care workers

Our Leadership Team continues to hold daily briefings, participate in Health Authority meetings and practice outbreak protocols. We are facilitating as much communication as possible between residents and loved ones through phone calls, FaceTime, etc. We have expanded 7-day/week reception hours to include evenings so we can connect more calls.

We have also continued to provide important staff training, particularly related to hand-hygiene and personal protective equipment. Here are a few links:

Thank you again for your ongoing patience and support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (604) 434-7211